Body + Love Workshop

Connect. Dig deep.

Learn tools to help you Rise the f*ck up in life.

What's It All About? 

Body + Love Workshop is a weekend-long gathering for individuals coming together to create a happier and healthier life from the inside out, fueled by self-love driven changes. This is a size-inclusive experience for persons of every age, shape, and color; a place to connect, dig deep, and learn tools to rise into your  empowered life. Leave with a renewed confidence, a sense of community, and an understanding of the role honoring body and soul play in creating your best life. Body and love.

What You Can Expect.

Community. Soul-work. Thought-provoking panels. Karaoke jam sessions. Questions probing you to examine your fears and passions. Dance breaks.  Laughter. Meditation. Lots of hugs… and a safe space for you to show up EXACTLY how you are without judgment.

You can expect…

  • Kundalini yoga and meditation

  • Discussions about fear, faith, and the power of making changes fueled by self-love.

  • Workshops about shifting your “movement mindset” from being a punishment for your body  to a celebration, and understanding how your “core pain” impacts personal relationships.

  • And more to be announced!

Imagine a place where women showed up for themselves and, each other, without judgment and bound by the common thread that we’re all worthy of living our most badass lives from the inside out! A place where you’re at home before you even arrive. A big’ol lunch table in the cafeteria of life where everyone is welcome under a few simple conditions - everyone shows up, everyone gets a seat at the table, and we all rise together. 

This is the Body + Love Workshop.


What the workshop is...

  • A place to explore what your “greater life” means to you personally.

  • A chance to think about what your “happier and healthier” life looks like, relevant to your own body journey.

  • A judgment-free zone safe for every body type.

  • A space you will feel support, from like-minded women and professionals.

  • Resources and inspiration!


What the workshop ISN'T!

  • An event pushing “diet culture” as a means of change.

  • A place you will be “skinny shamed” or “fat shamed” for  your body-goals and desires.

  • A special “insiders club” of elite women who dress, look, and think the same.

  • A “sink or swim”  shark tank of “mean girls.”

  • Full of sales pitches.

Check Out the Body + Love Workshop, 2017!