Body Love Workshop


What's It All About? 


The Body Love Workshop is a size-inclusive wellness event for women that celebrates the connection between body and soul. Imagine a place where women showed up for themselves and, each other, without judgment and bound by the common thread that we’re all worthy of living our most badass lives from the inside out!

Imagine a place where we rise together. Any size. Any shape. Any weight. Where you’re at home before you even arrive.

A big’ol lunch table in the cafeteria of life where everyone is welcome under a few simple conditions - everyone shows up, everyone gets a seat at the table, and we all rise together!

This is the Body Love Workshop.

This is a day to connect, discover, and dig deep while we celebrate the connection between loving our body and creating love in our lives.

Our Day.

The day has three parts to it, with lots of food, drinks and hangout time in between!

Size-friendly Kundalini Yoga Class I Never heard of Kundalini before? It’s…about…to…get…real! Kundalini is a form of yoga practice that combines meditation, consciousness, and the unblocking of energy throughout the body. Sound scary? It won’t be! We’ll break things down and make the movements size-friendly. Keep an open mind and an open heart and get ready to experience something powerful and new!

Class is taught by Kjord Davis, Director of Kundalini at Wanderlust Hollywood and founder of the Indigo Lab Kundalini Studio.



Name Your Purpose Workshop I Have you ever sat around and wondered wtf you were doing with your life? Do you sometimes feel stuck or uninspired? Or like you’re standing under a pile of “mistakes” that keep you from playing big and living the life you know you want on the inside? This honest talk will “go there” and help us tap our self-love.  

Talk led by Sarah.


Panel Discussion: Hanging at the Crossroad Between Inclusivity and Wellness

The term “body positive” gets thrown around a lot these days; can you subscribe to the idea of body positivity and still practice wellness? Is there an intersection between inclusivity for ALL women and self-improvement? What about getting healthy, inside or out… can THAT be body positive?

We’re going there. With a panel full of badass, strong, and beautiful women who represent a variety of different viewpoints on the subject. But we’ll do it with mutual respect and in the pursuit of self-love for all.



Gina Susanna

Gina is an Eating Disorder Recovery and Body Positive Advocate.

Instagram: NourishAndEat


Simone Mariposa

Simone is a Body Positive Advocate and Creator of #WeWearWhatWeWant.

Instagram: SimoneMariposa


Gia Narvaez

Gia is a Transgender and Body Positive Advocate.

Instagram: TheSassyTruth_


Alex LaRosa

Alex is a Plus Model and the Founder of the #VisiblyPlusSize movement. 

Instagram: MissAlexLaRosa


11 Things To Know About The BLW.

11. We're size-friendly. You’ll never feel pressure to do something that makes you physically uncomfortable, especially in Kundalini class. Join in. Be part of the group. Breathe. That is all we ask for!

10. Come with your best friends... This is seriously a great day for you to spend with your closest friends, your sister, your super-cool colleagues who always have the best snacks, or any friend you hold near and dear. 

9. Or show TOTALLY by yourself! You’ll be fine, we promise! In fact, there will be dedicated peeps there to make sure that those flying solo feel welcome and meet new folks to spend time with!

8. Once doors close… they close. The Body Love Workshop is an experience designed to be, well, experienced from start to finish. Once the doors close, entry is not permitted. We know this is LA and everyone runs late… Set your alarm and grab that coffee and we’ll see you bright and sunny!

7. Your support means everything to me. Like. Everthing! This is my first event and I’m honored and excited and everything all at once! Your support of the BLW on social media means the world to me.  If you’re excited, please spread the word! Tag @SarahSapora on Instagram and use #BodyLoveWorkshop hashtag so we can find you. And, of course, you’re invited to social share to your hearts content during the event itself!

Quick note, we love our sponsors; they’ve made this whole event possible for me! If you like their product or service or you’re just as excited that they’ve made this thing 2 Legit 2 Quit, please consider tagging them on your social shares as well! Learn more about our sponsors here.

6. Bring a bathing suit and a towel… trust us. No, really. Bring it. Our workshop takes place at a kickass house with a kickass pool! As our day winds to a close there will be ample time to kick back, hang out and go for a swim. Trust us, it will be the perfect end to a perfect day!

5. We'll feed you. At the Body Love Workshop you get lunch and snacks with your ticket!

4. Parking is limited, but ride-shares are awesome. Our workshop is in a residential neighborhood of the Hollywood Hills; street parking is available but limited. We suggest carpooling or taking a ride-share like Lyft or Uber! In advance of the event, we’ll send an email with a few locations you can park nearby if you only want to ride-share a few minutes and not the whole way.

3. Ditch the high fashion in favor of comfort. We’re going to be outside (but in a tent!) for most of the day, so dress to stay cool. We suggest yoga clothes, leggings, lightweight shorts or soft pants! Remember, we’re starting the day off with yoga!

2. When you come to MY HOUSE, you are seen and safe. The BLW will be a welcoming and warm experience. Get comfortable stepping outside your comfort zone, if just for today. Join a meditation, even if you’ve never done it before. Say hello to total strangers!

 1. Get ready to love the shit out of your life. At the end of the day, that’s all this is about. Love. During the last 17 months of my life, I’ve learned, without love for who I am and what I am capable of, life falls flat.  



All the leftover questions we didn't know where to stick. 



Our workshop takes place at a super cool pad in the Hollywood Hills! You'll be emailed the location after registration. Make sure to pay attention to details about parking so you'll be prepared. 


Tickets for the Body Love Workshop are $49 for the whole day, including lunch and snacks. 

Early registration discount

Grab your ticket before Sept 1st and save $10! for a special price of $39!

More questions

Q) Are men welcome at the Body Love Workshop?

A) While there will be a few guys there (mostly serving as support team for Sarah and the event itself) the primary audience will be women, and those who identify as women. 

Q) What if I can only stay for part of the event?

A) The BLW is best experienced in it's entirety, from start to finish. If you have to sneak out early, we totally get it. We'll still totally miss you, though. 


Q) I'm coming in from out of town. Can I stay nearby?

A) Yes! There are tons of hotels and AIRBNB's in the area. At this point in time, the BLW is not affiliated with any hotel. Maybe next year!

Q) I'm a media outlet or a blogger, can I cover the BLW?

A) We'd love to work with you and spread the news about this beautiful experience. Email to talk to Sarah Sapora!


Follow Sarah in her journey to be happier and healthier from the inside out:

On Instagram at @SarahSapora

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On Twitter at @SSapora

Visit her blog and find her online. 


Sarah is out to change the word, one woman at a time. With her larger-than-life laughter and tenacious passion for serving other women, Sarah believes in one simple idea - that each of us (no matter how much we weigh, how old we are, or however we feel we “messed up” in the past) has the ability to find our own #BeGreater. She is a self-love champion and a wellness advocate known for her keen ability to “talk about the hard stuff.” Sarah is also on her own committed journey to living a happier, healthier, and more badass life.  

Sarah has spent the majority of her career working in marketing and public relations for brands catering to women. She is the former marketing gal for Chippendales (yes, Chippendales) and spent seven years working directly in women’s plus size fashion. She is a writer and creative soul with an affinity for cowboy boots, strength training #beastmode style, and healing crystals. She has been featured online a variety of places, including  Women’s Health, Today Show, Refinery 29, Allure, and Bustle. Her writing is featured on Huffington Post and Plus Model Magazine. She is a blossoming coach, motivator, and currently leads personal growth groups for women online. Her goal? To show other women that they are visible, valuable, and have the ability to be the “hero” in their own lives.



Thank you to the sponsors who have helped bring this event to life!

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Interested in joining the party and connecting with women? We'd love to have you!

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